Day: November 1, 2018

Anti-Theft Backpack With RFID Protection

What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification Devices. This RFID is found in passports and credit cards to help speed up transactions. When, someone scans your card using skimmer, this RFID transfers your account information and other personal information. The scanner used to hack your details and it scans through your wallets and clothes up to several feet away. This is known as electronic pickpocketing or identity theft.

Newly issued credit cards, passports, and other IDs have embedded RFID chips. Almost all passports issued since October 2006 have embedded RFID chips in them. The chip contains all the data that is on the first page including your photo. To protect your personal data, RFID blocking technology used.

How does RFID Work?

anti theft backpack for laptop & college bagRadio Frequency Identification is the technology that lets you simply wave your credit or identification card, passport or license in front of a nearby scanner instead of having to slide the magnetic stripe through it. The electronic scanner sends a signal which is received by an antenna embedded into the card, which is connected to the card’s RFID chip, thus activating it. Unfortunately, criminals with technical skills can able to construct their scanner RFID readers illegally. These RFID devices easily steal your card information quickly and silently.

Anti-Theft Backpack with RFID Technology:

As, people used to carry these important credit and other identity cards with them, while they travel outside, it is necessary to protect these cards from “RFID Skimming”. Backpacks with the feature to protect your identity and bank account detail

If your anti-theft bag equipped with RFID-blocking technology, which many are, then you have a better chance of keeping those radio frequencies away and keeping your credit cards and personal information as safe as they can be.

Most anti-theft bags come with an added layer of protection in the form of RFID blocking material. You can keep all those important stuffs over this protective layer to avoid skimming. Whenever you plan to travel, it is better to carry all your important valuables inside anti-theft backpack.

You can avoid such RFID thefts using anti-theft backpacks having RFID blocking technology. In order to know more about RFID technology, check my website here and you will get more ideas about RFID technology.