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How To Perform A WordPress PHP Version Check?

PHP is a programming tool used to develop websites. This language runs at the backend of the WordPress website. PHP is an open source and server side language where WordPress user does not need to learn the PHP to use, run and manage them as well. Most users can use WordPress without ever learning to program or code in PHP. In order to improve the Speed and performance of Wordpress, one should use the highest version of PHP to date.

To know which version, you WordPress use, you make a PHP version check to get your current version. Checking your WordPress PHP version is easy to do, when you use any plugins. One of the websites https://caveni.com/how-to-check-and-update-the-php-version-of-your-wordpress-site/ providing you tips on how to check and update the PHP version of your WordPress.

How To Check Your WordPress PHP Version?

If you are having a doubt which version of PHP runs at the background of your Wordpress, you can make a PHP version check. Here are the steps to check your PHP version.

Check Your Hosting Management Panel:

The first option is to check with your provider. In the backend of your hosting account, there is a menu named PHP Settings, PHP Version Manager or similar to these terms. This option you can use to check the PHP version. This option will also allow you to jump to a new version and you can do such things like edit PHP.ini. This one will allow to do changes in the functions of server.

Use a WordPress Plugin:

You also have a lot of WordPress plugins to do the same function. One such easiest plugin used commonly is Display PHP Version. In order to use them, you have to install the particular plugin and activate it. In the WordPress dashboard, you can able to see the option “current PHP version” under the tab “At a Glance”.

When you find your server is already running using the latest version of PHP, then you can use the same. If it is running using old version PHP, then you can update the new PHP version.

Thus, PHP acts as a glue to hold the WordPress together along with its functionalities and features. So, it is important to keep it up to date. You can get a profit by using the increased speed and security provided by PHP to Wordpress.

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