Welcome to our dance school!

We have more than 20 years of experience training thousands of students in dancing. If you are thinking of engaging your children in some kind of extra-curricular activity, then dance is a very good choice. Dance is great for recreation and it’s good for health as well.

Children as little as 2 years old can join our dance classes. We have various classes according to age group and types of dance. There are various dance classes for the adults too. From ballroom dance to salsa, we teach various forms of dancing.

We have TV monitors and cameras in each classroom. This helps us to track the student’s progress. The floors are designed for safety. There is an observation window that allows parents to watch their children when they are dancing.

Our dance teachers are very well trained and we have a number of staffs to look after the children. Besides training children, we also take part in various dance shows. We offer summer camp as well for school.

In this blog, you will learn about what we do. You will also know about dancing and how it can bring positive changes in your life.  Thank you for visiting our site.