5 forms of dance that people like

Dance is a great way to express yourself. People dance at different festivals to have fun and enjoy. There are different forms of dance. Each of these forms has its own style. Here are the dance forms that are most popular.

Ballroom dances

This form of dance was first seen in Italy during the Renaissance period. This dance then became popular throughout the world. At a dinner party or other social gatherings, many people prefer ballroom dance.


This dance form originated in the 15th century in Italy. Other dance forms have been influenced by ballet. There are many types of ballet: classical, neoclassical and contemporary. The costumes of classical ballet are very attractive. The dance moves in neoclassical ballet are faster.

Jazz Dancing

It is a very popular form of dance. It uses bold body movements. This dance is part of the African tradition. Street dance and swing dancing are influenced by jazz dancing.

Tap Dance

This dance form has African roots. The dancers use special shoes that have metal straps. Unlike other dance forms, music is not used in tap dancing. Only drums are used to create rhythm and beats. Tap dance was an important part of the early Hollywood musicals.

Hip-Hop Dance

This form of dance evolved after rap music was getting popular. Now we have different styles of hip-hop dancing. You can see the influence of breakdance in this style.

All these dance forms existed many years back. Now people have added extra styles into these dance forms. Many other types of dances are influenced by these dance styles. These dance forms are very popular nowadays.